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My twelve years son was suffering from continues cough and cold and fallen sick frequently, I tried many medicines. Our family doctor told us that he is allergic and we need to avoid the food our environment which triggers this issue. But found very difficult to follow. I purchase Immuvie capsules, Rejuvie and Recovery soups from FG after contacting them on Phone. We continue the combination for almost 3 months. And observed during this period he was not suffered with any of the issue which earlier he used to face. The FG team told us to continue Immuvie for one year as it is wonderful immunomodulator. Thanks to FG team.

Ashlesha Dhakate, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

My daughter Juhi was falling regularly sick and always avoid food during this period. Once I have seen Forest gold ayurveda show and contacted over phone. I brief them the situation and ask any kind of tonic for her. The team has given me Recovery soups for her during her sickness. Initially she shown some resistance for consuming but once tasted she like it and we found her temperature also get down whenever she consumes. Now Recovery soup has become part of our family. Also, we are continuing the Immuvie capsules for Juhi as suggested for her strong Immunity.

Shubha Fale, Wardha-Maharashtra

Wow! I love imuvie ayurvedic formula to boost immunity. It only took few days before i started to feel the difference. I am very health conscious and try to live as organically as possible. Thanks to you imuvie. there is easy way for me to stay healthy and natural.

Aisha Khandelwal
Chandigarh (Punjab)

I only made a fuss because the immuvie ayurvedic formula to boost immunity works so well. I am a teacher so I need to take care of my health as well as my family’s health. The imuvie capsules works very well for preventing diseases.

Sudhir Kumar - Bhattagaon  ( U P )


Imuvie Capsules is a rejuvenating herbal preparation and immunity enhancer. All herbal ingredients of Imuvie show good immunomodulating, immunostimulating and antioxidant properties. Imuvie is also useful as an adjuvant to maintain the health especially in immunocompromised conditions like HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis.

How does Imuvie Capsules work?

  • Significant immunomodulating action
  • Potent antioxidant activity
  • Has immunostimulating properties in specific as well as non specific immune response
  • Shows significant reduction in eosinophil count in HIV positive patients


Useful when taken

  • In seasonal outbreaks of infective diseases e.g. Influenza, Typhoid or Malaria
  • As a complement for antimicrobial therapy, particularly in respiratory tract infections and skin and soft tissue infections
  • With long-term oral steroid therapy


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